Creating Interactive Guides to the Human Body

You may remember a project I did with Year One last term:

I decided to do a similar project with Year Three for their science topic about the Human Body. 

We started with the Curiscope Virtuali-tee. This amazing augmented reality t-shirt never fails to create a lesson of awe and wonder! If you've not ordered one of their t-shirts, I would highly recommend it. Buy a t-shirt here.

As a class, we explored all the different parts of the body and used the guide to learn facts about how our body works and what each organ does. The children were then given a part of the body and given some more time to find other facts about it.

Using the app Chatterkids Pix, the children had to create animated videos sharing their learning.

The students also used Greenscreen to create images giving the illusion we could see inside their body. Using Seesaw, they labelled all the different parts of the body:

To link everything together, we used the app Thinglink. This allowed all the pupils to embed their videos onto their labelled picture to create a whole class interactive guide to the body. This video explains the process:


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