Some thoughts and ideas on #WorldBookDay

Here are some thoughts and ideas about World Book Day from my latest VLOG:

As mentioned in the video, for some tech-inspired World Book Day ideas, visit this link. 

I also mentioned the fantastic work done by @TheDistrictCE through their Year of Reading. 

A quick breakdown of some of the impact:

  • Reading attainment improved in all year groups, significantly so in Y4 +12% more pupils at ARE, and Y6 +30% more pupils at ARE.
  • Comparison of KS2 pupil surveys (before and end of YofR) found more pupils were sharing books at home and there was approx. 20% increase in pupils going to the library out of school.
  • Comparison of KS2 pupil surveys (before and end of YofR) found approx. 20% increase in confidence of how pupils feel about themselves as readers.
Some other case studies:

I had to also share this poem about World Book Day written by Michelle:

T’was the night before World Book Day and all through the town,
Parents were pacing, their faces a frown.
They’d sat by the door and listened with care,
In hope that Amazon soon would be there.
With costume plans dashed, the children in tears,
Mummy sends Dad for emergency beers.
The children are finally sent to their beds,
While Mummy regrets coming off of her meds.
She scrambles around while Daddy looks on,
He knows in his heart that his evening has gone.
She opens the chocolate, forgets making tea,
Raises the threat level to DEFCON 3.
Out comes the craft box, the scissors, the glue,
The felt and the cardboard, the staple gun too.
She sits back and ponders what she could create.
The tales that her costumes would grandly relate.
A Cat in a Hat. A Snail or a Whale.
Harry or Wally. Some random male.
A Mr. A Miss. An Ant or a Bee.
The Tin Man or Peter Pan. The Faraway Tree.
Alice. Hermione. A Witch or the Queen.
A Pirate. A Knight. Jack’s Magic Bean.
A Lion. A Tiger. A Bear named Baloo.
A Greek or A Viking. Thing One or Thing Two.
Mum throws back the beer admitting defeat,
Mum of the Year. No need to compete.
When what to her wondering eyes did appear,
Dad at the door, his eyes full of fear.
He holds up an Elsa, an old Batman cape,
“Maybe a princess? Or Severus Snape?”
“Snape isn’t Batman” Mum shouts in disgust,
“And Elsa is covered in ketchup and dust”
“A wet-wipe will soon get that ketchup right out,”
His smile starts to waver, his eyes full of doubt.
Mum looks at the floor. At the cardboard and felt.
An old pair of tights and Daddy’s old belt.
“Well Batman’s a comic so I guess that’s OK.”
She’s starting to see the error of her ways.
“Why spend all that cash when the answer’s right here?”
“Elsa works too. Now pass me a beer.”
Dad heads for the fridge. He stops and he turns.
His body held rigid. Face full of concern.
“But Frozen’s a film, not really a book,”
“Well at this stage darling, who gives a…”

And finally, when it comes to World Book Day, only one teacher can show us the way! So here is a special World Book Day according to our hero... Mrs May video!


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