Planet Earth: A Nature Documentary - The Latest ReadWritePerform Pack

It is finally here! Both myself and John Murray have been working very hard on the latest pack. We apologise that it has taken a little longer than hoped but we are so proud of this pack.


In this pack, the children read, deconstruct and then write their own information text about an animal which they perform by making their own nature documentary just like the legendary David Attenborough.

In fact, an excerpt from one of David's fascinating documentaries is featured as a comparative text. 

The Unit of Work is aimed at Key Stage 2 & 3.  The aim of our packs is to cover all elements of the English curriculum in an engaging and purposeful way using a variety of media.  

With an additional focus on  Fluency for Meaning, this pack will help your learners appreciate the role of the narrator more fully. It will support them as they gain a better understanding of the narrator's role when reading aloud and help them to reflect upon how their voice can be used effectively, not simply to convey what is happening but also to bring the text to life. 

The pack also contains contextualised SPaG sessions that focus on a how to add extra information through parenthesis and relative clauses.

This pack includes:

  • Comprehension lessons that integrate and develop core reading skills at Word, Sentence and Text Level.
  • Writing lessons that encourage collaborative learning and independent creative writing that embeds grammar in a meaningful way and helps learners understand what it means to be a real writer, one who writes for an authentic purpose and with a particular audience in mind.
  • Performance lessons that develop reading fluency and a deeper understanding of their own work and that of others, as well as help improve personal social skills and confidence.

By the end of each Unit of Work, teachers will have written and video evidence of each of their students' work. This work can be shared with a wider audience, be assessed for moderation and will inform your future planning.

In addition, another app which will link perfectly to this unit of work is the Story of Life app. 

Here is an example of work produced following this scheme:

Click the picture to check out our other packs:


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