Introducing the next Read Write Perform pack - Dual Narrative: The Hunter and The Hunted Pack

I am very excited to announce the release of the latest Read Write Perform pack - Dual Narrative: The Hunter and The Hunted.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create each pack but both myself and John are so proud to see the packs being used by schools worldwide and the fantastic feedback we are getting.

The idea is simple - a cohesive and engaging approach to teaching English. A meaningful project that covers: reading, writing and performing. 

Technology is not essential to use the pack however the pack demonstrates how technology should be used to enhance and transform learning. 

This pack focuses and building tension effectively in writing. The pack uses the dual narrative technique to achieve this.

Dual Narrative is a technique used in a lot of stories, most famously in the book Jaws, where the story jumps between characters from paragraph to paragraph. The pack has a huge focus on style and children understanding how sentence length, use of clauses and phrases can match the atmosphere for each character in the scene. 

The pack includes comprehension lessons, a focus on contextualised SPaG, writing for purpose, fluency for meaning and assessment opportunities throughout.

The finished product is an audiobook performance of the children's writing. Here is an example after working through the pack:

Look out for the next pack which we are close to completing:


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