Appy Kids Smart School

Last week I was very lucky to be working in Dubai. I presented at the Digital Education Conference giving a keynote and also taking part in an App Battle with Steve Bambury. It was brilliant! I had a great time. I also was very lucky to get my hands on an Appy Kids Smart School Kit.

The kit includes a toy, which can double up as an iPad stand, and a set of cards. The cards cover letter, shapes, colours and numbers. 

There is also an app, which is free and available on both the app store and google play.

The following video shows what the kit is all about.

It is a fantastic tool to use in the classroom. To have one that you can set up and have in the continuous provision area or as a small group activity would be a great way for children to build confidence and practise their letter, number and shape knowledge. It is a great way to take learning beyond the screen.

I decided to put the app to the test and do a live facebook video with my son. Completely off the cuff but you can see how easy it is for a 5 year old to get up and running and using it. After the video finished, Harry continued to play with the app for a good half an hour before bath time!

The kit would make an ideal Christmas gift for young children if they have access to a tablet. 

The kit costs $59.99 and can be delivered to the UK.

AppyKids have very kindly given us one of the Play School kits to give away on our Facebook page! Watch the video below:


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