More 360 Videos to Inspire Writing!

There are some brilliant 360 degree videos that are absolutely great and would provide a fantastic stimulus for writing in class!

I have previously blogged about 360 videos here - Facebook 360 videos to Inspire Writing

A 360 video is created with a camera system that simultaneously records all 360 degrees of a scene. Viewers can pan and rotate a 360 video's perspective to watch it from different angles. They can be viewed on a desktop computer or a mobile through specific apps. The videos are very popular on Facebook but most are also on Youtube where you can also view them using a Google Cardboard making the video 3D and truly immersive. I have previously blogged about Virtual Reality and Google Cardboard here: Virtual Reality in the Classroom. To do this, just tap the glasses icon on the YouTube clip:

So here are a couple of my favourites for you can use in class:

Rather than embed all the videos here, I have compiled a YouTube Playlist containing all the videos I have stumbled across. You can find it here:


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