Back to School READWRITEPERFORM offer!

To help everyone get back into the swing of things, myself and John are offering the two READWRITEPERFORM packs for half price when bought together until the end of August!

For just £10 you get two units of English that cover every element of the English curriculum. The Battle Cry and Sports Manager pack has already had a massive impact on learning in classrooms all over the world.

While John and I carry on creating more engaging packs, we want to help teachers hit the ground running in September!

Each pack follows the following model:

The pack consists of plans for the following:
  • Comprehension lessons that integrate and develop core reading skills at Word, Sentence and Text Level.
  • Contextualised SPaG within the texts means students not only learn what features are being used but why and to what effect.
  •  Writing lessons that encourage collaborative learning and independent creative writing that embeds grammar in a  meaningful way and helps learners understand what it mean to be a real writer, one who writes for an authentic purpose and with a particular audience in mind.
  •  Performance lessons  that develop reading fluency and a deeper understanding of their own work and that of others, as  well as help improve personal social skills and confidence.  
​By the end of each Unit of Work, teachers will have written and video evidence of each of their learner's work, work that can be shared with a wider audience and be assessed for moderation and inform future planning. 

For example, here is a piece of work created by a Year 6 pupil following ideas from the Sports Manager pack:

For a taste of what each pack entails, we have put together a sample selection of pages:

Please do let us know what you think of the packs, we really appreciate the feedback.

We are working hard on our next pack which will hopefully be ready early September! This is the first pack aimed towards KS1. Watch out for:


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