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I am so excited to announce a BRAND NEW approach to English I have developed alongside John Murray (@ReadingExplorer.)

The website is now LIVE. The approach covers every aspect of English - Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

We have created and released our first teaching pack. Each teaching pack provides teachers with a unit of planning for English lasting 2-3 weeks.

The following image gives an overview of the approach and how each pack works:

We know this approach works, as all the ideas have been tried and tested in the classroom. The quality of writing and performance from the pupils in my class was phenomenal! 

The pack encourages your learners to actively engage with a variety of media and get the most out of the learning experiences you provide. Technology is used as a tool to enhance children's learning and evidence their final creations. We focus on combining all the elements of writing into one meaningful project: reading into writing into performance. 

We not only have exemplar texts but exemplar performances. Within the pack are links to videos where a professional actor has demonstrated the performance element. The actors also provide workshops in schools and you can receive an exclusive discount when purchasing the teaching pack. 

The first pack is available now! The Battle Cry pack involves children writing and then performing their own compositions to try and persuade their fellow villagers to follow them into battle. 

The pack can be downloaded by any teacher worldwide. We have not tailored this approach to just one curriculum or year group. We feel this approach will fit into every curriculum and teachers will be able to adapt the ideas to fit with the stage of learning for their students. We would say most of the material is aimed towards KS2 and KS3, however, a Year 2 class shared some of their fantastic work- - 

You can buy the pack as an individual teacher licence for £10 or purchase a whole school licence for £25 so every teacher within your school can access the material. 

For more about the approach and teaching pack, watch this Facebook Live Video I did with John last night:

We have a whole range of other packs in the pipeline so watch this space...


  1. We have started this this week and we are loving it!!!

  2. Our children have enjoyed it. However, there are several errors and also we couldn't watch the second performance because it was via a Facebook link, which is banned in our school.

    1. Please email and I will send over a link that works. Thanks


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