Designing Robots to Save Our School

Today, I had the pleasure of working with a group of Year 2 children. I decided to start the lesson by using the iPad to create a hook. This was the first thing the children were shown -

This was created using the app - FX Guru. The app has loads of special effect clips that you can film on top of any picture or video. As you can see from this clip, we created a scene showing a robot destroying the playground.

It worked, the children were totally hooked. I immediately hit them with their mission: they had to design a robot that would beat the rogue robot in the video and save the school.

Firstly, we had to report what had happened and so created a news report explaining the situation. This was done in our Media Suite using Greenscreen.

The children were all then given the opportunity to create their own robots. The fantastic app - Robot Factory allows children to build, play and interact with their own robots. The potential for using this app to inspire writing is huge: instructions, persuasive texts, explanation texts and even stories could easily be inspired through this app.

The children had a clear focus, their robots had to be designed to beat the robot attacking the school. They were hooked, the discussions and conversations were fantastic. Some were then challenged to create posters describing some of the features -

The children then had to use Tellagami Edu, to present, describe and explain their designs and how it would help save the school. This gave the children to opportunity to talk through their ideas and writing. 

The following video has all of the different elements together into one finished video -

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  1. What an awesome project! I am so impressed with the work done by these students!

  2. i am struggling to download effects in FXGuru - i have bought the additional effects but they wont download, any ideas? was the robot an added extra? thanks


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