Epic For Educators - Epic Win!

Epic is an online reading library available on iOS, Android and through the web. It gives you access to a wealth of different online books. Many of the books have a 'read to me' feature that allows children to listen and look at the story.

There is a HUGE range of books available from first readers to non-fiction to enjoy. The app also provides incentives through badges and achievements given when children reach a certain goal.

Probably the best thing about Epic is that for teachers it is completely FREE!

All you have to do is visit the website and create an account and then download the app! Log in once the app is downloaded and you have access to a wealth of online books!

Here is the link to create an account - Epic Website

Here is a link to the iOS app - Epic for iPad



  1. It sounds great but when I went on the website it says it's only free for US and Canadian teachers. How do we get around the zip-code question? Thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing, this is fabulous! So many uses, my class leapt into it today with gusto, certainly going to become well used in our reading programme.


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