Bring The New Premier League Season into Class!

Today starts the new Premier League season! Both children and adults up and down the country will be eagerly watching and hoping their teams get off to the best start possible.

What most football fans will have been pondering over for the past couple of weeks is who will make their fantasy football team!

So it got me thinking, why not create a fantasy football league for your classroom or school?

The Fantasy Premier League site allows you to create your own team and league for FREE Once a league has been created, the code can be shared with children to join. There is also an app available too.

You could give a couple of weeks at the beginning of the year for children to sign up and create their team. This could be done at home encouraging parents to get involved or as an ICT lesson. It promotes children to use the internet in a constructive way. There are plenty of other benefits for running a fantasy football league in school - 

  • It is all about the numbers! Children have to handle a simple budget, work out who will best fit their team based on goals, appearances and value.
  • Develops children's decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Gives the opportunity to reward and celebrate achievements with weekly awards or certificates.
  • Provides the perfect opportunity for debates and discussions about players, teams and selections backed up with children's access to statistics and facts.
  • Above all, a great way to involve all children, parents and teachers with something fun! 
We will be starting a league at our school and printing certificates weekly for children who gain the most points. Here is how my team will line up -


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