Mr P is abducted by Aliens!

I woke this morning in a cold sweat after having the most peculiar dream. In my dream, I was abducted by aliens, taken on their spaceship and talked to in a language I didn't understand. When I went to get ready for work, I noticed something strange on my arm -

At first, I thought it was a wash on tattoo, so tried to wash it off in the shower. But no matter how hard I scrubbed, it wouldn't wash away. I panicked! Desperately, I searched the internet trying to find an explanation. I stumbled across an app, that told me to scan the unusual symbol and it would tell me if it was real! Well, something happened. Something strange, something amazing and something that told me it was VERY real!

I shared this story with a Year 3 group of children I worked with today. I showed them my arm, demonstrated what happened when it was scanned by the special app and they couldn't believe their eyes. They then wrote some fantastic newspaper articles about the story - 

We didn't stop there. After lunch, we transformed our writing into a real TV News Broadcast, using Doink Greenscreen, Morfo Booth, iPrompt Pro and iMovie. Here is the full story about Mr P's abduction!

It was hard for the children to keep the story quiet until the news report was completed. Even their class teachers couldn't get any information out of them. They were hooked by the story and enjoyed every minute of the day. They created some fantastic written news articles knowing it would be transformed into a real TV news report.

Such an enjoyable day! The stimulus? Another amazing example of Augmented Reality to inspire writing in the form of StARz AR. From following this blog, you will know how fond I am of using Augmented Reality to inspire, motivate, share, enhance and redefine learning in the classroom. Starz AR is another example and from the work Year 3 produced today, you can clearly see the engagement, enjoyment and quality of work they have produced.

If you like this and want to know how you can utilise mobile technology to enhance learning in the classroom, Mr P can help with a range of training opportunities - visit here for more details.


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