Alan Peat Presents Using Technology to enhance the New Primary Curriculum in association with Grow Education, 8th December, London

I had a wonderful day sharing some ideas and strategies to enhance the new curriculum using technology on Monday in London. Around 38 teachers attended and there was a great buzz in the room!

A massive thank you to everyone who came and for all your useful and valued feedback, very much appreciated.

37 Feedback forms
31 rated the content of the training as excellent
5 rated the content as good
1 rated the the content satisfactory

32 rated the delivery of the training as excellent
5 rated the delivery as good

Some comments -
"Funny, informative, inspiring, amazing! I've read your blog for some time and it's been so useful to hear the man in person! Couldn't recommend the training enough. Keep up your inspiring work - keeps my children happy when I come in with a iPad in hand." 
This has been the best training I have ever been on! The content was exactly what I was looking for. I feel truly inspired! 
"This was a very powerful and inspiring course. I have lots of ideas that I can't wait to use in the classroom and share with colleagues. I would recommend this course to every primary practitioner." 
"Fantastic, informative with loads of exciting and innovative ideas! Hopefully will be able to convince Headteacher to purchase iPads."
"Fantastic ideas in terms of apps, uses in lessons across the curriculum to feedback to staff. Thank you very much." 
Excellent, packed training. Very appropriate - have got loads of ideas to try out and share." 
"Excellent practical ideas that you can take straight back into the classroom. The use of Apps was amazing. Thank you very much! 
 "Loads of ideas and great to see and hear how these apps can be used in class in a realistic way!"
"Loads of ideas - lots to think about and try out." 
"Really useful, covered lots of really practical ideas. Good to see examples for cross curriculum ideas. Really good course!"
"A fantastic course which has left me buzzing with ideas! Lee is a great speak and gives so many usable ideas."
"Great ideas for bring maths and literacy to life." 
"Brilliant! Thank you very much - really useful and inspiring, will definitely be sharing back at school, so useful to have this from a 'real' teacher!" 
 "Excellent content - well pitched, delivered with enthusiasm and was inspirational. Thank you."
 "Great ideas, very practical, will be using this in the classroom!" 
"Great presentation! Learned a lot from the session and will be applying some of the techniques in my teacher practice."
"Excellent. Your enthusiasm alone is worth the visit."
"Excellent - lots of info and ideas, thank you." 
 "It was very inspiring!"
"Great app suggestions and a good model of how they can be used." 
"Excellent practical ideas that can be used. Thanks for a very useful course!" 
"Thanks for so many excellent ideas. I'm leaving feeling very inspired."
"An amazing day with lots to think about and to try out in school. Definitely need to start a school blog now! Thank you so much!"
"Really useful practical ideas, thank you!" 
"Really useful and inspiring thank you!"
"Many thanks, great day!" 
"Very good delivery!" 
 "Thank you!"
"Great ideas to use in the classroom."
"Lots of good ideas!"
"Very enthusiastic!"
"Some great ideas for writing and use of multimedia to enhance writing and give writing a purpose."
"Good to see your passion shine through!"

I have other upcoming conferences and the details can be found here. I can also come and run training in your school details here


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