One's World War - Ready for launch!

I have been waiting eagerly for the launch of this fascinating project from the Alan Peat team!

One's World War is a project that will last a number of years and will chronicle the diary of a soldier throughout World War 1.

Alan Peat acquired the diary a few years ago and alongside Simon Matthews has been putting this project together for over a year.

The diary belongs to a gentleman called George Beale–Browne, a Gloucestershire man who, at the start of the war, was a Lieutenant in the 61st Company of the Advance Service Corps (1st Army). By the end of the war he was a Major commanding a G.H.Q. Supply column. What is unique about the diary is that it reads as a continuous narrative looking at all the different aspects of war from someone who lived through it.

To bring the diary alive, the team have put together the website, each month the website will feature a free podcast which runs alongside a digital magazine. The digital magazine is available through different subscriptions options, such as a monthly £6 subscription, 6 monthly at £30 or yearly subscription of £50.

I was able to have a sneak peak of the first issue and it is stunning. The design aspect from Simon is incredible, well on par with the fantastic design he did on Mat Sullivan's Developing writing through Comics book.

The digital magazine is a great resource for teachers. Packed with information, which links to the corresponding month and podcast from the diary. Lesson plans aimed at Primary level written by some inspirational teachers. Both Alan Peat and Mat Sullivan provide lessons for the first issue. Then there are links to books, websites, apps will be very useful in the classroom. This description doesn't do justice to the wealth of information provided in the magazine!

What I love about this project is that it is a great mix of something historical and important told through exciting, engaging and modern storytelling tools.

I feel both schools and teachers will find tonnes of useful ideas, resources and inspiration. Subscription is available from July 10th with the first issue being published on August 4th, which will be exactly 100 years to the date of the first diary entry.

So make sure you subscribe before the end of the school year to avoid missing the first issue!


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