Avengers Audio Descriptions

I recently discovered a bit of a game changer when it comes to accessing engaging texts to use in class, see the video here:

It has inspired an incredible English project where we deconstructed the model text from the film before writing and performing our own audio descriptions over one of my favourite clips from Infinity War.

Here is an example of the finished efforts from our pupils:

There are so many possible ways in which this idea can be adapted to different films with audio descriptions. If you're interested in more detailed tutorials to create this, sign up to MrPICT.com.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have added the option to subscribe directly through the website. There is also the option to subscribe as a school so your whole staff can access all the training videos and content.

The subscriptions options are:
Individual Teachers: £3.50 a month through Facebook - Click Here
Individual Teachers: £3.50 a month through the website or subscribe annually and save £5.

Small Schools (under 180 pupils) whole school access: £119.99 a year
Big Schools (over 180 pupils) whole school access: £199.99 a year.

Click the picture to sign up.


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