Book Review Vlogs

As I recently discussed in a previous blog post (click here to read) I really think, when used effectively, technology can enhance and support a student's love of reading.

In most classrooms, once a child finishes a book they will be asked to then fill out a book review worksheet. Something along the lines of this...

I don't want to sound like I am having a go at any teachers who do these types of worksheets. I just believe with technology so easily accessible in schools, it should be used to enhance this task to add more purpose and engagement.

Using an app like Apple Clips, children can turn their book review into a VLOG (video blog.) Not only does this add more purpose to the writing (children have to write the script of their book review first), you will be developing key oral speaking objectives and ICT skills. In my experience, these worksheet type activities are rarely done to the best of children's ability as they are used as a time filler or carousel activity. If the students know the book review they write will then be transformed into a video blog, it suddenly becomes more meaningful.

Here is an example of a finished book review vlog about Gangster Granny by David Walliams:


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