Launching Mr P's Online CPD support on Facebook

I regularly receive messages from teachers saying that they would love to attend one of my CPD and Inset sessions, however, due to one reason or the other (location, school not allowing them to go etc) they can't make it.

I have been thinking for a while about trying to create some sort of online platform where teachers can access more detailed CPD content. I have and always will share content for free through this blog and my social media pages. However, I always need to strike the right balance as to make sure I don't give too much away for free as this often backfires in loss of work in schools and also a number of people who then take the ideas, rip them off and make money on the back of it.

About a week ago, Facebook introduced Fan Subscriptions. Followers of my facebook page can subscribe for £3.50 a month and receive exclusive content.


I've decided to give this a go, to hopefully support more teachers in their journey to utilise technology more effectively. This short video explains why I am doing this:

To ensure this package is both useful and worthwhile to teachers, I want to hear from you! I have created this Google Form, which you can add to as often as you like. It gives you the opportunity to let me know what support and content you want. Feel free to share ideas, even if you haven't yet signed up.

As the above video stated, I will be giving the first 1000 subscribers a copy of each of my eBooks for Free:

To give you an idea of the sort of content I want to be creating exclusively for subscribers, here is an example of what I had in mind:



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