More Keynote Awesomeness

#EveryoneCanCreate is a hashtag I have very much enjoyed following since the ADE summit in Texas this month. From some of the ideas I had seen, my son created this before his school trip to the zoo:

Click here for a more detailed description of what we did to create this video.

It was this tweet from Matthew Pullen which inspired this latest idea:

Following the thread, @JoeDale then suggested an app which might make the Video to still image stage a little easier:

Click here to download the Video 2 Photo app.

I decided to give this idea a try today and turned a video I had posted into a line drawing animation. You may have seen the #KikiChallenge doing the rounds on social media. A dance to the latest Drake song. It is something my daughter has picked up on and so we decided to make our own version (obviously done in a safe way with the car parked 😉)

Following the brilliant guidance from Mat above, I took a few screenshots, imported them into keynote and used the line drawing tool to trace around each picture, exported as a film and increased the speed in iMovie to create:

Although it took a while to create this, I felt very proud of the finished video. The possibilities for this tool is endless and I am excited to see how this will be used in the next year. It is another great way in which Keynote can be used to inspire creativity in the classroom.

Mat has now published an eBook exploring the line draw animation tool further. You can download it by clicking the image below:


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