Taking Teaching Back Episode 1 - Book Scrutinies

I am in an incredible position where I am able to visit schools all over the UK. On that journey, I try to inspire teachers with ideas for how best to utilise technology in their school. One part of this is looking at ways in which technology can be used to help teachers work smarter, not harder. There are still so many schools who are struggling to effectively manage workload for a number of reasons. This is something I am passionate about changing. Being able to address some of these issues when visiting schools is great however it is only a small amount of schools compared to amount throughout the UK and beyond.

Thanks to the unbelievable support I have through this blog and social media channels, I am able to reach thousands of teachers, which is why I have started this new series of videos.

Taking Teaching Back will be a series of videos that look at addressing a number of issues within education that I feel contribute to workload. I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to provide all the answers but I am hoping the videos will spark discussion and at least get schools talking about whether what they are doing is having a direct impact and ways in which to work more efficiently to best benefit the students.

The first video looks at the issue of book scrutinies and why that phrase sends the wrong message to teachers:

For these videos to really have an impact, I need help from you guys to share, like and spread the word. The more teachers we can have engaging with these videos the more it will be discussed in schools and the more the issues will be addressed and dealt with. 

Thank you for the support!


  1. Well done this is impressive keep up the good work and carry onspreading your positivity we truly need more of this its great.


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