Introducing #T12: #TeachTechGoals

Last week, I travelled to London for the #ADE2017 Institute. I was incredibly proud of becoming part of this amazing community and I had such a fantastic time; learning so much and connecting with some awesome educators from all over Europe.

One of the many highlights was the project we started with a special group of teachers: introducing #T12 - @TechTeachGoals

The Team (from right to left) -- @Headdowneyesup@MrTullock@dunne_robbie@assthead_jones@rooie_smithy and myself. 

We were given the challenge of creating content together using the app Apple Clips (another blog about this app coming soon.) We decided on the hashtag #TeachTechGoals as a way to help teachers with different ideas and inspiration to use technology effectively in the classroom. Each set of videos will have a specific focus. At the institute, we decided to focus on Assessment. So here are our first set of #TeachTechGoals:

As you can see, this is a very exciting project which I am really looking forward to working on in the future. Make sure you follow @TechTeachGoals on twitter to keep up to date with the next project we will be working on!


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