Our Christmas Wish!

Finally, I can share this amazing project done by the pupils at our school.

What started as a discussion about the links between music and poetry, where I demonstrated my love for songwriting and what an amazing way to express yourself has now turned into the children publishing a song they have written themselves.

We started by exploring some lyrics to different songs and discussing them. The children then wanted to write their own song. The pupils wanted to write a song to combat the negativity they have seen all over the news this year. Being close to Christmas, they wanted to use it as an opportunity to spread positivity and help others. When I explained that we would try and turn their writing into an actual song. This added purpose to the writing and the efforts were incredible!

We now can proudly announce that the song written by the Davyhulme Primary Digital Leaders is available to download and stream!

Once the song was written, my friend and his band put together the backing track and the children performed it, including an amazing rap from a very talented pupil, Daniel. They have designed the artwork, recorded a video and all done on a single iPad! 

They researched different charities for where to donate any money made from selling the song. They decided on Save the Children. They want to help children a lot less fortunate than themselves. 

When I showed the children the finished song, they were so incredibly proud. When I said, "I think it will get in the charts!" I was met by a certain look from the children that told me they thought that would be impossible. They think they can't compete with the big corporations like X Factor or with other records from high profile artists.


I want to show my class that hard work, determination and education is more important than anything else. I want to show that having good ideas and believing in yourself can take you places! 

It would be amazing if a little Primary school in Davyhulme can make a song on the iPad and be up there with the big guns.


I need you to download, buy and stream the song as many times as you can!

I need you to share this video on twitter, facebook and spread the word with your friends.

We need everyone of you to support us!

So whatever the reason: 
  • to show how much you like the song, 
  • to show your appreciation for their hard work, 
  • to donate to a really good cause, 
  • to show how creativity is so important to education, 
  • to take a stand against the big corporations and the obsession with celebrity culture in our country, 
  • to simply finish 2016 on a positive note 
  • or because it is Christmas

    Please support the project!

I know how tough and negative 2016 has been for many of us, what a wonderful way to finish the year by saying "you've tried your best 2016, but we're ok, the future is bright when it lies in the hands of these creative, caring, compassionate children."

So here is their video with links to download and buy!

Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas! 


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