Tournaments App - A Useful Tool for PE Teachers

As well as being the computing leader in my school, I have also been the PE coordinator for a number of years. We have been very successful as a school over the years in a number of sports and try our best to value physical education and understand the benefits the subject can have on children both physically and mentally. It there is one job I loathe in my role as PE co-ordinator, it is organising tournaments. 

We regularly host a variety of sporting tournaments, including our local football league and it can take me hours working out the logistics of who plays who etc. However, over the weekend someone suggested the app 'Football Tournament Maker' on the iPhone and it is brilliant! 

The app is completely FREE and it allows you to create a tournament, add the number of teams and it will then generate a fixture list, a matrix of results and league table. You can also set up the tournament to be a knockout format. 

 The app will also give you individual team breakdown throughout the tournament:

You can then share the league tables and matrix as an image and the app allows you to turn your tournament into a website for others to access and use. 

A very handy app for PE coordinators but can also be a great tool to use for a data handling activity in maths or if you organise class tournaments. 


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