Travel back in time with Virtual Reality!

Virtual Reality is getting more and more popular. Having used Google Cardboard in the classroom for the past year, it never surprises me how immersed and engaged children can are when exploring different environments straight from the classroom.

The Google Expeditions project looks like it will take Virtual Reality to the next level in the classroom -

I have previously blogged about Virtual Reality, including allowing children to ride virtual rollercoasters - Using Virtual Reality in the Classroom

We turned Year 3 into Deep Sea Divers -

Year 5 explored Virtual Jurassic World

There are a variety of virtual reality apps available on the app store, plenty of which have a 2D option so the app can be viewed on an iPad if you don't have enough headsets and devices. A couple I have stumbled across have come from the brilliant team over at Computeam.

VR Roundhouse
Trench Experience VR
Both these apps allow you to immerse yourself and travel back in time to explore an ancient Iron Age roundhouse and First World War trench. These would link perfectly with certain topics in the classroom and will surely inspire writing as children will have a fully immersive, multisensory experience. 

Unfortunately, these apps can ONLY be viewed with a VR headset, I would love the option to view in 2D so children can use these apps on the iPad too. 

Watch this space for how we will be using these apps in class over the next half term. 


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