Alan Peat Ltd presents.... Lee Parkinson Using Technology to Enhance the New Primary Maths and Literacy Curriculum - 27th November 2015, The Village Hotel Nottingham

A big thank you to all that came to the conference on Friday. I had a great day sharing ideas and strategies to enhance the new curriculum using technology.

35 Evaluations

35 rated the content of the speaker as excellent
35 rated the delivery of the speaker as excellent

Amazing training! Totally inspired and engaged. Superb ideas and philosophies - Can Lee be the new Educational Secretary for the Government?!  
A fantastic course, so motivational. A real credit to the teaching profession. I wish more courses were like this! :)   
Absolutely Fantastic! "The best course i've ever been on!"   
Best course i've been on as a teacher. Great ideas of how to use different apps to benefit in the classroom. Infections energy. Cant wait to try all these new ideas.  
Excellent speaker. Very inspiring to an ICT shy, technophobe. Will definitely be using the apps shared and converting others. Many thanks!  
A really wonderful course with ideas that can be applied to everyday teaching. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  
Amazing, inspiring training. Lots of excellent ideas to use in the classroom (too many!!) Cant wait to go back on Monday to try some out. Thank you Mr P! 
Inspiring - definitely the best course i have attended!!!
Fantastic! Thank you very much. So many great ideas to inspire. Excellent has left me with lots of ideas that i have to try out! Thank you!! 
Just what i needed thank you! A great inspiration - lots to remember but has definitely changed my views on technology generally. Will go out and buy an ipad now! :) 
Mr P was knowledgable - gave lots of wonderful ideas and apps. Cant wait to implement into class! Thank you! 
Fantastic! Just what a tired Year 6 teacher needed to inspire learning again :)  
I had high expectations as i follow you on facebook. You delivered beyond my expectations. Thoroughly enjoyed today, thank you! Brilliant! Love examples of apps! 
Good selection of ideas - not so many that i wont remember - more chance of focusing on a few to get the staff started and work from there! 
Thanks - great delivery! REAL! Feeling very inspired! 
A fantastic day. It has flown by! Truly inspirational and i am determined to go back and try out one idea at a tinme - starting next week! 
Brilliant! One of the best courses i have ever beenon. Lots to try out and look forward to seeing them in the classroom. 
Helpful, fun, practical ideas. Inspiring to see the impact and all the ways you engage and motivate.  
Wow! Thank you so much - i'm going to be spending the evening on my iPad! 
Very engaging and humourous! A fantastic course, packed with so many practical ideas! 
Fantastic ideas to use in our school. Cant wait to try out some of the apps with my class. Thank you! 
Absolutely fantastic - so many great ideas to use effectivley. I cant wait to try them out. Thank you so much! 
Really engaging course - loads of practical ideas with good examples of how to use them. Top notch! Thanks. 
Excellent thank you! 100's of ideas to implement as a whole school and take the iPad further. Thank you for constantly sharing on facebook and twitter too. 
Have been looking forward to this course sincei got myself bookedon through smiles and bribes. Did not disappoint, thank you!
Fabulous, thank you! 

Time to reflect on what is out there! Love it! First Class, thank you!
Feeling very impressed and motivated to integrate iPads into the classroom. Thank you Mr P! 
Really useful teaching ideas. Linking it to how your own teaching shows how it can be done day to day. Excited to go back to school to put all the apps and tips into place. Great delivery - really engaging, Thank you! Portland Spencer will definitely be putting their iPads to good use. 
Very informative, extremely inspiring and great to get real life, realistic examples from someone who actually still teachers. Thank you for a great day! :) 
Very enthusiastic, so many good ideas that I will definitely be using at school.

I am leading more conferences after Christmas including two in Leeds and Norwich focusing on Raising Standards in Writing Using Technology -


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