Playworld Superheroes! Fantastic writing stimulus!

Another fantastic app that popped up on Apps Gone Free the other day was Playword Superheroes.

As a teacher who has seen first hand how using popular video games can both inspire and engage children to produce quality writing, this app is another great stimulus to use. It is a technique I call camouflage learning and you can read about how I have previously used other iPad games like angry birds and temple run here and, of course, Minecraft.

Often the problem is, most popular games aren't appropriate for the classroom. Playworld Superheroes is a fantastic way to inspire writing through a video game appropriate for primary school age children.

Here is a quick trailer for the game -

The game involves choosing a character and entering a treehouse to reveal a magic box. Children then find different cardboard items around the garden and can design it by colouring and adding attachments to create their own superhero outfit. Once completed, the children instantly transform into a real superhero! They eventually play the game as the superhero trying to defeat different enemies.

The design element to the game had the children hooked! All the accessories featured in the game can easily be obtained so children could physically re-create the design as a DT lesson. This opens the app up to lots of writing opportunities such as instructional texts. 

The gameplay can inspire writing in so many different ways. Some I will blog as I carry on this topic with the class. It will also feature in the book I am currently writing - 50+ iPad lessons for Fiction. The 50 + iPad lessons for Non-Fiction is currently in design and should be ready for release in September - very excited!

Today in class we played the game. The children were hooked! We focused on the first part of the game where the child becomes a superhero - the origin story. We presented our stories in the form of a comic using the app - Comic Life 3.

There is more to come from using this app with my class, so please watch this space!!!

We are also pleased to have 5 FREE codes for the app which are being given away on my facebook page, just like and share the following post - 

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