Interactive Multimedia Diary Entries

Today I worked with a class using a rather chilling video from the Literacy Shed as our stimulus -

You can read more about the animation on the Literacy Shed here. The animation is quite scary however demonstrates some great techniques to build tension. This was all discussed within the lesson and the children had to create their own diary entry for the main character.

After writing their diary, the children used different apps to create their multimedia diary entries. They narrated some of their writing over clips from the film using the app Shadow Puppets before using an amazing app Glogster to put it all together.

I discovered Glogster over Christmas and it is a fantastic way for children to share, present and create amazing pieces of work on any topic. They can design, add pictures, videos sound recordings, media from the web as well as type to create an interactive page that can be published to the Glogster channel. From here it can be shared and embedded onto school blogs! The potential to this app is incredible and one I can see myself using in every subject across the curriculum over the next few weeks!

Here are a couple of examples from the lesson -


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