My Holiday Reads!

I have just returned from a lovely week away, where I had chance to really sit back relax! It meant I was able to read and I really took advantage of this opportunity! I thought it might be a good idea to share what I read and hopefully inspire others with a book to read over summer or even blog and share what they have read.

The first book I read was @HywelRobert's 'Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidently,'

This was recommended by @missrobinson82, who thought the approach is very similar to some of the projects I have shared through the blog and training. I have to agree, I thought it is a superb book and something I fully support and try to use. An example would be the Blackfish project, something that started from nothing but eventually grew beyond anything we could have hoped!

The book is written with a humorous tone and has some fantastic ideas. I haven't met Hywel but have heard great things about the training he provides and I hope to attend one in the future.

The next book was 'Death at Seaworld,' by David Kirby. I have wanted to read this for a while since watching the film Blackfish to read more about this issue that really interests me. If you were inspired by the film, I would highly recommend this book.

It delves into issues that the film didn't get chance to discuss and demonstrates further the reasons why we shouldn't keep these highly intelligent, social animals in captivity.

The film Blackfish, inspired one of the best class projects I had the pleasure of being involved in. You can read more about what we did with this issue here.

I also managed to finish both autobiographies of one of my lifelong heroes - Sir Alex Ferguson.

'Managing my life,' and 'Alex Ferguson: My autobiography,' chronicles Sir Alex's life from childhood up to his retirement after 25+ years as the manager of Manchester United.

Both books were fascinating! As an avid United fan, I got a real insight into the wonderful mind of one of the most successful managers in football history!

The last book I read was Shooters by Ben Black. This book looks at the gang culture that ravaged Manchester in the early 00s. This seems to pick up where another book - Gang War by Peter Walsh - finished. I read Gang war on my previous holiday and this was another insightful book on Manchester gang culture. For someone who has lived in Manchester all my life, it interests me to know about the criminal underground within the city.

So the question now is what have you read and what would you recommend?


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