Back to the Old School - Using 3D images as a writing stimulus

Sometimes it doesn't take much to spark children's imaginations. The iPad has proved to be a fantastic tool to engage children in their learning and something I really showcase through this blog, but here is another way to immerse children through an image.

About a year ago I presented at Teachmeet East Lancs, another presenter - @FrankFarrell, showcased the use of 3D images in class, it really caught my attention and was impressed with the idea here is his presentation:

The Anaglyph 3D glasses are available from Amazon for £1.50 for 3, meaning a class set will cost you £15.

A simple Google search will reveal hundreds of fantastic 3D pictures you can then use as a stimulus in the classroom with your 3D glasses.

The children can then really immerse themselves into the image which will spark their imagination, creating a real WOW moment that a teacher can harness into some quality writing.

Take this example (you will need 3D glasses) -


When you view this image with a pair of 3D glasses you really see the depth to this picture, giving children a real sense of size and scope of this setting. Children could write about the creature and travelling on it across the landscape describing the setting. 

Another example - 

Children could start by deducing what is happening here? What could have happened? How is the landscape different further back in the picture? Where would they prefer to live and why?

Again as a setting this picture would really immerse children and give them more to work with with a descriptive story. 

There are iPad apps that allow you to create your own 3D Pictures. i3D Photo - allows you to create a 3D version of your own photos. I can't say I am convinced the images are significantly improved, here is an example:

Another app, which I was shared to me by the great Tim Rylands, is Seene. This app allows you to take a photo and turn it 3D so when you move your device you can view the depth of the picture. Below is an example:

These 3D images allow children to view an image in a unique and different way. They can really inspire children to look beyond a normal image and use it to for some quality writing opportunities.


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