Grid Guru 2 - Guidance through the Grid Method

I recently came across this app and have wanted to try it with a class for a while. Grid Guru 2 is an app from Primary Apps which looks at guiding children with their long multiplication through the grid method.

It is often difficult and frustrating for children when they solve a long multiplication problem when they realise somewhere along the way they have miscalculated and therefore got the wrong answer.

Grid Guru supports children through every step of the grid method by checking every calculation the children solve. The children can choose from a range of calculations such as TUxU TUxTU HTUxU or HTUxTU or even choose their own numbers.

The app then displays the calculation in the grid method. Children can then press the partition button which then partitions the numbers into the correct grid. It would be great if children could input this themselves rather than having it done for them. However by asking the children to discussing and writing how to partition the numbers they could then check their answers against the app.

The children then solve every calculation which they can check and if they are incorrect they can correct before they go onto the next calculation. I found it really helped children who just lacked confidence with their calculations, it deepened their understanding of the method and gave children instant feedback so they reached the correct answer at the end. 

As a starting point for introducing the grid method, I think it is a great app and well worth a download. Currently priced at £1.49. Primary Apps provide a range of engaging apps designed to improve children's understanding in Numeracy.


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