Can Augmented Reality Improve Writing?

For inspiring and creating writing opportunities in class, I have found Augmented Reality to be superb. I have recently been using an Augmented Reality showcase app to inspire writing with a mixed Year 1/2 class. It has not only engaged and motivated them but provided them with an exciting visual stimulus that has created some incredible writing - read more here.

I wanted to see whether using Augmented Reality improves writing. So with a Year 5 class, I decided to try a little experiment.

I started the lesson by providing the children with this image and I asked them to write a description of it:

Despite having little to work with, I was impressed with some of their writing. However I wanted to see whether colouring the picture and then bringing it to life through Augmented Reality would improve the quality of writing.

Once they had finished writing their first description I asked them to colour their picture - 

Once completed, it was time to bring the picture to life using ColAR Mix app. This app is another fantastic showcase app that allows children to colour in the trigger images and see their creations come to life using augmented reality. There are a few free pictures and more can be unlocked with an in app purchase. But the potential for creative writing stimulus using the app is incredible! Here is an example of how @ThisIsLiamM and his class has used this app -
Once the children had closely observed their bird come to life, move and interact with its surroundings, it was time to have a go at writing another description. I was hoping that because children had coloured their bird and seen it move and come to life they would have more ideas and language to use in their descriptions. I wanted to see whether this process actually inspired the children to create better quality writing. Here is a video of the whole lesson:

Using Augmented Reality To Inspire And Improve Writing from Mr L Parkinson on Vimeo.

Here are some examples of the before and after descriptions, what do you think? Has Augmented Reality improved the quality of writing, giving children more precise language to use in their desctiptions? Personally, I think so and for some of the more reluctant writers, it certainly gave them a lot more ideas to work with, see what you think:



  1. Excellent idea!!
    Recently, I´ve discovered this app:
    Greetings from Spain

  2. This is ace. I was introduced to this app a few weeks ago at a course in Suzhou and was wondering how/if it could be used. I'm really impressed with your creativity!

  3. love your lesson, I am still trying to get to grips with the app, I will keep trying! Thanks for sharing, Caroline

  4. Amazing! This inspired me to have a go with my year 4 children, with brilliant results. I've used lots of ideas now inspired by you, trying them all out and keeping my own record of success in my blog. Please have a read :) Viki

  5. Thanks for the Information. Appreciated :)
    Vocabulary can also be enhanced at

  6. These are great apps, and makes one wonder aobut the possibilties for the future. Augmented Reality


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