Minecraft Maths

It is a simple fact.... children LOVE Minecraft!

Knowing this fact, I have used the app to inspire some writing before Christmas - Read all about it here.

The potential with this app is amazing! It isn't the typical game, children can be as imaginative and creative as they can build pretty much anything.

When I originally wrote the first post about using Minecraft, I noted some ideas for how it can be used right across the curriculum. Using Padlet, I created this:

There are probably endless other activities that could be linked to the game. Today I used one idea from the Numeracy list, using the game to help develop children's understanding of Area and Perimeter. 

Minecraft allows children to build and construct pretty much anything by planting different types of cubes or blocks. I told the children that these cubes are 1cm x 1cm x 1cm. Using the blocks the children could create shapes. I asked them to create a range of squares and rectangles of different sizes. 

I then asked them to take a screenshot of their shapes and import them into Pic Collage. They then had to use their image to help them work out the Perimeter and Area. Most of them were able to use the formula but just to check they could count all the smaller squares to work out the area. It certainly captured the imagination of the class and is just the start of so many different possibilities of using using this app to further develop understanding of shape and space as well as other numeracy topics.

Here were some of the children's finished efforts:

See more examples from the Class blog here - http://davyhulmeyear4.primaryblogger.co.uk/year-4/using-minecraft-to-learn-about-perimeter-and-area/ 


  1. This is an interesting way to teach with Minecraft, I always thought of the Redstone Wire being a great tool for people like engineers.

  2. Brilliant MrP, brilliant, I'll use this fantastic idea shortly!

  3. They look nice, can u explain to a teacher who has never used Minecraft why I should teach area & perimeter like this?

    1. You class will be hooked and you are teaching maths in a context more engaging to them!

  4. I love this idea! I currently have a LA maths group, any suggestions on how I could differeniate this activity? thanks


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