A festive treat to say thank you!

2013 has been a remarkable year. Personally, there has been a lot of change and my career has taken a new and exciting turn as I am now working as a part time consultant. I cannot thank everyone enough for all their support with this blog and through my twitter and facebook accounts.

It seems however for our profession of teaching, it has been a tough year and one that has brought a lot of unnecessary stress and negativity for many teachers. It seems a certain education secretary, who shall remain nameless, seems adamant on destroying our education system and in particular the confidence and enthusiasm of many talented and excellent teachers.

My response, the video below which shows my defiance against the negativity. The tradition of making these short Christmas dance videos started as a little treat for some of the children we teach. Since then, it has grown and is looked forward to by plenty of the children and parents we teach. Even though our careers have taken different paths, we felt that this shouldn't stop the tradition. Especially this year, I feel this may go beyond a silly dance to entertain our students. Maybe this year, it is a stand against people who are convinced on driving the fun and enjoyment out of our profession. Yes we work incredibly hard, yes we work above and beyond but at the same time we are human, we have a sense of humour and we don’t take ourselves too seriously all the time.

I just want to use to say thank you to everyone who has shown their support over the past year. Hopefully this may put a smile on your face and please like, share, tweet, post a link if you want to share the message that, in true Braveheart style -  “Yes Mr G, you may change our jobs but you will never take the spirit out of our vocation!”

Also a massive well done to my Stepson Callum, who I think you will agree, steals the show!

Please click these links to see previous efforts:

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  1. Thanks for all your amazing tips this year! Have a great Christmas.


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