Beyond the Typical Multiplication App

I am very fond of using different multiplication apps for children to practise their times tables and quick recall of number facts however very few apps allow children to develop their understanding of multiplication beyond this. However a new app, developed by Daydream Education, aims to cover all aspects of multiplication covered in the new curriculum. It covers the ability for children practise their times tables but then extends this by looking at methods for long multiplication, multiplying by multiples of 10 and useful tips.

(Click the picture to see the app.)

Having tested the app with a Year 6 class, I wrote this case study for the app which covers all the great features of the app - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD:

After the lesson I interviewed some of the class, here are their thoughts:

At a price of £2.49, it is a MUST HAVE for all schools using iPads in the classroom.


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