Year Group Specific Cluster Training

For the price of a whole school INSET each, six or more schools can buy Mr P in for 7 or 8 days. Each day has a different Year group focus and each school can send as many staff members to each day's training. One school who have access to a set of iPads with the desired apps host the training days.

Each training day will consist of demonstrations, guidance and advice for using iPads effectively with each specific year group, with a focus on using technology to raise standards across the curriculum. Teachers will leave with an array of practical ideas to use with their class. Each day will consist of no more than 20 teachers so training will be more personal with plenty of time for teachers to try activities and build their own confidence.

Costs for the training is spread between the schools making it more manageable and cheaper. It has proved easier to manage too, as each school only needs to release a teacher for each day of the training.

An extra day can be booked for the computing leaders from each school to come together to create and set up a blog, look at the computing curriculum and discuss the management of the iPads.

Typical Programme of training -

Day 1 (optional depending on number of schools taking part) - ICT Co-ordinators from all schools.
Day 2  - Year 6 teachers to go through apps and strategies for Year 6 children.
Day 3 - Year 5
Day 4 - Year 4
Day 5 - Year 3
Day 6 - Year 2
Day 7 - Year 1
Day 8 - EYFS

Prices start at £1000 per school based on a minimum of 6 schools for 7 days.

Woodside Primary School - Runcorn

Wednesday 19th April - Year 2
Thursday 20th April - Year 6
Friday 21st April - Year 4
Monday 24th April - Year 5
Wednesday 26th April - EYFS
Wednesday 3rd May - Year 3
Friday 5th May - Year 1

Please get in touch if you want more information or to host your own.


Here are some recent testimonials from the training- 

"We have just finished our cluster training with Lee and every single member of staff from nursery to y6 have said how much they enjoyed their days and left feeling inspired - even the staff members who normally hate the mention of iPads or technology!
As a whole school we have all come away with so many things that we want to take forward including using tech to evidence things we are currently finding hard to evidence (reading etc) and how to use tech to not only reduce marking but to improve its effectiveness for the children!
Personally, I've been a huge advocate of tech in the classroom for a long time but I have left feeling equally inspired and I'm already thinking of projects for next half term/year particularly how to give the children more of a global audience for their work!
Thank you so much Lee!"
- Miss Hinawski, New Park Primary.
"Over the last few months, along with other local schools, we have been lucky enough to have had iPad and blogging training from Lee. Our school had recently bought a class set of iPads but we did not have the experience or knowledge to be able to utilise them to their fullest potential within the classroom. Earlier in the school year we had a whole school inset training day with Lee which proved extremely useful. However because we were relatively inexperienced with iPads, Lee came back to work with us over the next few months, offering full day cluster year group training. On each of the training days, every class was shown how to blog and it’s advantages, and then how to use various apps on the iPads to enhance learning. All of the training offered was very ‘hands on’ and practical, showing our staff how the same apps could be used both across the different year groups and across the wider curriculum. Some of our staff are more familiar with technology than others, yet thanks to the support offered by Lee we all managed to produce something on the iPads and then showcase it on our new school blog. Although our training days with Lee have finished for this school year, he is still approachable and offers support when needed; his experience and knowledge is invaluable!"
- Rhea Thomas, ICT Co-ordinator Halton Lodge, @RheT88

Read more here.

If you want to become part of the project or even host your own (available nationwide) please email - or fill out the following form.


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